Business Solutions Expert

“Records and information management is such a diverse industry, driven equally by tradition and cutting edge technology, it is a dynamic and challenging environment to work in.”

Also know as:

  • Business Solutions Architect
  • Information Solutions  Strategist


$100,000 - $150,000+*

* Australian Dollars

Typical duties:

  • Research emerging technology
  • Research and assess new legislation and regulations to assess impact on government and the wider industry
  • Document integration business requirements to meet un or under-serviced market problems
  • Review functional system and integration requirements to ensure a fit into documented business requirements
  • Participate in system evaluation to provide specialist feedback
  • Assess an organisations long term requirements based on user adoption and develop maturity models
  • Research and prepare papers to deliver at seminars on emerging trends and their likely impact or records and information technologies

A Day in the Life

A day typically sees me researching emerging technology, its capabilities and mapping standards to assess likely impacts on an organisation, its practice, and the software products in use. My role demands a broad knowledge of information management (records management, web content management, enterprise content management) and a strong grasp of the underlying information technology environment. I spend a lot of time researching, documenting, reviewing, assessing and reporting on current and future trends and their potential impact or influence on current systems. I am also often asked to present on these trends at seminars and conferences which means that public speaking and travel form a solid component of my job.

Training and Further Study

Requires knowledge equal with a minimum 10 years on the job training in the information industry and a Bachelor Degree in an Information or Business discipline Also requires a consistent ongoing commitment to your own professional development.