Records Officer

“I like the hands on approach and the combined theory of RIM. Having the knowledge helps me perform the tasks involved with ensuring that everyone can access the information they need when they need it “

Also know as:

  • Admin Officer Records
  • Corporate Information Officer
  • Archives Officer
  • Mailroom Officer



* Australian Dollars

Typical duties

  • Mail processing – receive, sort, open, scan and distribute incoming mail + process outgoing mail
  • Scan hardcopy records
  • Attach hard copy and electronic documents to a file
  • Action or workflow electronic documents to responsible officer
  • Create and maintain hard copy folders
  • Retrieve files
  • Prepare temporary value records for off-site storage

A Day in the Life

A day typically starts with the mail being opened and processed.  After sorting it is scanned, registered and distributed to its recipients.  In some organisations the hard copy documents are placed in their appropriate folder (one is created if it does not exist) while in other organisations the hard copies are batched and only the electronic copy is filed (attached to an electronic folder). During the day I collect and process outgoing mail, retrieve hard copy files on request and/or log and re-file hard copy folders, repair folders which have been damaged or prepare closed records with temporary value for offsite storage which includes preparing boxes, preparing the folders, listing box contents, preparing appropriate paperwork and arranging pick up of boxes.

Training and Further Study

No formal education is required however a Certificate II in Business or Certificate III in Recordkeeping is preferred and would be extremely beneficial. On the job training will be provided as each organisation has specific processes