Corporate Records Manager

“I am responsible for the effective and appropriate management of the organisations records, technology plays an important role in my job and so does good communication”

Also know as:

  • Records Manager
  • Records Management Strategist
  • Records & Information Management Coordinator
  • Records & Information Manager


$65,000 – $130,000*

* Australian Dollars

Typical duties:

  • Responsibility and coordination of the organisation’s RIM program
  • RIM System administration and responsibility for the systems security
  • Strategic policy and planning for corporate records and information
  • Business analysis appraisal, review, monitoring and implementing change to ensure the organisation meets its legal, technology, social and RIM requirements
  • Complex Project management
  • Development and maintenance of classification and retention and disposal policies and systems
  • Design and implement risk management strategies to ensure disaster preparedness and business continuity including identifying potential risks and implementing mitigation strategies
  • Performing HR tasks
  • Marketing RIM to the organisation

A Day in the Life

A day typically starts with a meeting.  My role is to ensure that the organisation meets all of its legal and business requirements in line with a range of local, state and commonwealth government legislations as well as international standards and our organisations business requirements. This means that I spend a lot of time speaking with people around the organisation to understand our customer’s requirements, building relationships with colleagues and ensuring that we are working collaboratively. On any day I could be managing records which are over 100 years old or dealing with emerging technologies to ensure our collection is effectively and efficiently maintained.

Training and Further Study

On the job experience (5+ years) and knowledge equal to a minimum of an Advanced Diploma in Recordkeeping.