Records Management Consultant

“Being a consultant means that I keep challenged and interested, in June I could be working in a government office in Canberra and in August in a remote mining community in Queensland, or I can choose to work near home if I prefer“

Also know as:

  • Information Management Consultant
  • Records Management Specialist


$50,000 - $250,000+*

* Australian Dollars

Typical duties:

  • Assessing records and information requirements of an organisation in line with its strategic business
  • Writing policies, procedures, business cases and project plans
  • Software implementation
  • Software functional specifications
  • Training
  • Mentoring
  • Appraising, developing and implementing records classification systems and retention and disposal schedules

A Day in the Life

As a Records Management Consultant I work in a project management and advisory role.  Organisations of all sizes and types ask me to provide them with services and advice based on my knowledge and experience. A typical day could see me writing a business case to employ more resources, or purchase a multi-million dollar solution, you could find me implementing a new electronic document and records management system (EDRMS) into a company, writing their classification system, providing staff training, writing policies and procedures or a disaster plan, or even sorting through and appraising 50 years worth of stored files. If I preferred I could specialise into one area of expertise but at the moment I like that it is such a diverse and challenging role.

Training and Further Study

On the job experience (5-10 years) and knowledge equal to a minimum of a Bachelor degree in an Information or Records discipline or Graduate Certificate in Records/Information Management .